Squash Tactics

Squash is a highly tactical game. The following is a list of the simplest tenets of squash tactics:

  • Territorial advantage – Maintain your position in the centre and force your opponent to chase balls between the four corners of the court.
  • Keep the ball as close to the walls as possible – This will limit your opponent’s choice of swing and make it difficult for him or her to dig the ball out of the front or back corners.
  • Use straight rather than cross-court drives – This will force your opponent to one side of the court and prevent them intercepting your shot and playing a winner.
  • Use backhand shots if the ball is in the backhand (left) side of the court and forehand shots on the forehand (right) side – This stops the ball from ending up in the centre of the court, where your opponent can easily hit it.
  • Don’t rely on power alone to win a rally – Hitting the ball at 75% of maximum power can significantly improve accuracy, as well as conserving your energy and slowing the game down, so that you can control it more.