Getting Started in Squash

Depending on which part of Britain you live in, you can contact England Squash, Squash Wales, Scottish Squash or Irish Squash to find out more about getting started with squash in your area. These are the governing bodies for the home nations and can put you in touch with a local squash club, as well as provide information about any training schemes or youth development programmes that might be operating in your area.

Many squash clubs are members only. It’s a good idea to join a club as you’ll get support, access to playing partners and a sense of community through the sport. Although fees can be £300 a year in London, elsewhere membership is usually inexpensive, especially if you qualify for a concessionary rate. However, squash courts are springing up in gyms and local authority leisure centres and these do give you the flexibility to book individual sessions and simply pay as you go. Expect to pay anything from £3 to £10 per 45 minutes session, depending on the location and the time of day. If you need to find a court, try a directory like Touch Local.

Get kitted out

  • Racquet – Feather is widely regarded to be the highest quality manufacturer of squash racquets.
  • Shoes – Getting the right shoes is important once you’ve got the hang of hitting the ball, as your footwork is so important. Adidas squash shoes are worn by pros and amateurs alike because of their quality.
  • Clothing – The established market leader for any squash clothing you might need is Yellow Dot, a company that has been around for several decades.