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Welcome to Talk Squash - the new home of Squash on the web. The site is currently under development but we are proud to say that the guide to Squash is up and available.

Squash nearly made it into the 2012 Olympic Games but fell just just short. Anna Heywood will take you through all that you might want to know about the sport in her guide which is available by clicking on the Guides tab at the top of the screen. So if you want to know anything from the history to the skills, tactics used and why elete athlets use the chilipad sleep system for faster recovery times, we have you covered.

Learn the game of Squash

Having read the guides they are full of very useful information. For instance I didn't know there there were different speeds of Squash balls but as detailed in our equipment section - it's true.

The Game of Squash is a high octane one. The rules and how to play are all explained in this section of the guide with some handy hints that'll help you improve your game.

If you are interested in getting started in the sport then we are able to help with some handy links.




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Welcome to TalkSquash

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